My name is Kirill Borozdin. I am a student of Ural Federal University from
Yekaterinburg, Russia.
I was trying to find some interesting algorithmic problem for GSoC and
finally ran into PostgreSQL and
"Sorting algorithms benchmark and implementation" task.
This problem looks both challenging and practical. I have the strong
background in algorithmic
problems (I like programming contests and passed to the ACM-ICPC World
Finals this year).
Also I do some CS research (my paper is waiting for review on Combinatorial
Pattern Matching 2017 conference).
I understand that this task will require a big number of experiments
because we want to achieve
a speed-up in real life cases.

Can you recommend me some articles or specific source files in PostgreSQL
codebase (it is so huge!)
which I can explore to be better prepared (in case I will be lucky enough
to be selected for GSoC)?

Best wishes,
Kirill Borozdin

С уважением, Кирилл Бороздин

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