On 3/2/17 8:03 AM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
On 12/20/16 23:14, Jim Nasby wrote:
I've been looking at the performance of SPI calls within plpython.
There's a roughly 1.5x difference from equivalent python code just in
pulling data out of the SPI tuplestore. Some of that is due to an
inefficiency in how plpython is creating result dictionaries, but fixing
that is ultimately a dead-end: if you're dealing with a lot of results
in python, you want a tuple of arrays, not an array of tuples.

There is nothing that requires us to materialize the results into an
actual list of actual rows.  We could wrap the SPI_tuptable into a
Python object and implement __getitem__ or __iter__ to emulate sequence
or mapping access.

Would it be possible to have that just pull tuples directly from the executor? The overhead of populating the tuplestore just to drain it again can become quite significant, and AFAICT it's completely unnecessary.

Unfortunately, I think adding support for that would be even more invasive, which is why I haven't attempted it. On the flip side, I believe that kind of an interface would be usable by plpgsql, whereas the DestReceiver approach is not (AFAICT).
Jim Nasby, Chief Data Architect, OpenSCG

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