On 3/5/17 16:07, Jim Nasby wrote:
>> There is nothing that requires us to materialize the results into an
>> actual list of actual rows.  We could wrap the SPI_tuptable into a
>> Python object and implement __getitem__ or __iter__ to emulate sequence
>> or mapping access.
> Would it be possible to have that just pull tuples directly from the 
> executor? The overhead of populating the tuplestore just to drain it 
> again can become quite significant, and AFAICT it's completely unnecessary.

I think there are many options, depending on what you want.  If you want
to materialize the result, then you have to materialize it somewhere,
and then make a Python object around that.  Or you could make an
iterator interface that just reads a tuple at a time.  Or maybe there
are other options.

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