On 3/4/17 01:45, Petr Jelinek wrote:
> I can see one difference though (I didn't see this code before) and that
> is, the connectDBComplete starts with waiting for socket to become
> writable and only then calls PQconnectPoll, while my patch starts with
> PQconnectPoll call. And I see following comment in connectDBstart
>>      /*
>>       * The code for processing CONNECTION_NEEDED state is in 
>> PQconnectPoll(),
>>       * so that it can easily be re-executed if needed again during the
>>       * asynchronous startup process.  However, we must run it once here,
>>       * because callers expect a success return from this routine to mean 
>> that
>>       * we are in PGRES_POLLING_WRITING connection state.
>>       */

Yes, the libpq documentation also says that.

> If that's the case, the attached should fix it, but I have no way of
> testing it on windows, I can only say that it still works on my machine
> so at least it hopefully does not make things worse.

Committed that.  Let's see how it goes.

I rewrote the while loop as a for loop so that the control logic isn't
spread out over three screens.

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