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>> I think there have been
>> previous discussions of switching over to the practice for which you
>> are advocating here, but my impression (without researching) is that
>> the current practice is more like what Rushabh did.
> I am not sure Rushabh's approach is correct. Here's the excerpt from my mail.
>>> The reason the reason why startup_cost = input_startup_cost and not
>>> input_total_cost for aggregation by sorting is we don't need the whole
>>> input before the Group/Agg plan can produce the first row.
> With Rushabh's approach the startup cost of aggregation by sorting
> would be way higher that it's right now. Secondly, it would match that
> of hash aggregation and thus forcing hash aggregation to be chosen in
> almost all the cases.

You're right.  I'm wrong.  I take it all back.

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