On Thu, Mar 9, 2017 at 8:21 AM, Rushabh Lathia <rushabh.lat...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks Robert for committing this.
> My colleague Neha Sharma found one regression with the patch. I was about
> to send this mail and noticed that you committed the patch.

Oops.  Bad timing.

> postgres=# explain select aid from pgbench_accounts where aid % 25= 0 group
> by aid;
> ERROR:  ORDER/GROUP BY expression not found in targetlist

I think your fix for this looks right, although I would write it this way:

-    gm_plan->plan.targetlist = subplan->targetlist;
+    gm_plan->plan.targetlist = build_path_tlist(root, &best_path->path);

The second part of your fix looks wrong.  I think you want this:

-                                                 NULL,
+                                                 partial_grouping_target,

That will match the create_gather_path case.

This test case is still failing for me even with those fixes:

rhaas=# select aid+1 from pgbench_accounts group by aid+1;
ERROR:  could not find pathkey item to sort

So evidently there is at least one more bug here.

Robert Haas
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