[separate thread from transition table patch, since a different
audience might be interested]

Four things are required to claim support for Feature T211, "Basic
trigger capability":
 - support for the CREATE TRIGGER statement
 - the ability to declare and reference transition tables for AFTER
 - support for the DROP TRIGGER statement
 - support for TRIGGER in the GRANT and REVOKE statements

With the addition of transition tables we have all four, although
I'm not sure whether the CREATE TRIGGER statement conforms closely
enough to claim the feature.  The two basic issues I can think of
 - we don't allow the OLD and NEW transition variable names to be
   specified -- using hard-coded values instead
 - we don't support the standard <triggered SQL statement> formats,
   instead supporting only our EXECUTE PROCEDURE syntax

Do we leave T211, "Basic trigger capability" on our "unsupported"
list until those two points are addressed?  Does anyone know of
anything else that would need to be done?

Kevin Grittner

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