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> On 08.03.2017 20:52, Magnus Hagander wrote:
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>> Small point of order: YAML is not strictly a super-set of JSON.
>> Editorializing slightly, I have not seen much interest in the world for
>> YAML support though I'd be interested in evidence to the contrary.
> The world of configuration management seems to for some reason run off
> YAML, but that's the only places I've seen it recently (ansible, puppet
> etc).
> SaltStack uses YAML for their tools, too. I personally can empathize with
> them (as a user of configuration management) about this as writing JSON
> would be nightmare with all the quoting, commas, curly braces etc. But
> that's my own preference maybe.
> (Btw. does "run off" mean like or avoid? At least my dictionaries tend to
> the latter.)

In this case, it means like. "run off" as in "the car runs off fuel" or
something like that. Probably a bad choice of words.

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