Hi Oleg,

On 2/28/17 2:55 PM, Pavel Stehule wrote:
> 2017-02-28 20:08 GMT+01:00 Oleg Bartunov <obartu...@gmail.com
>     Attached patch is an implementation of SQL/JSON data model from
>     SQL-2016 standard (ISO/IEC 9075-2:2016(E)), which was published
>     2016-12-15 and is available only for purchase from ISO web site
>     (https://www.iso.org/standard/63556.html
>     <https://www.iso.org/standard/63556.html>). Unfortunately I didn't
>     find any public sources of the standard or any preview documents,
>     but Oracle implementation of json support in 12c release 2 is very
>     close
>     (http://docs.oracle.com/database/122/ADJSN/json-in-oracle-database.htm
>     <http://docs.oracle.com/database/122/ADJSN/json-in-oracle-database.htm>),
>     also we used https://livesql.oracle.com/  to understand some details.


> This is last commitfest for current release cycle - are you sure, so is
> good idea to push all mentioned features?

Implementing standards is always a goal of the PostgreSQL community, but
this is a very large patch arriving very late in the release cycle with
no prior discussion.

That the patch proposed follows a standard which will not be available
to the majority of reviewers is very worrisome, let alone the sheer
size.  While much of the code is new, I see many changes to core data
structures that could very easily be destabilizing.

I propose we move this patch to the 2017-07 CF so further development
and review can be done without haste and as the standard becomes more


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