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> Magnus Hagander <mag...@hagander.net> writes:
> > AFAIK travis-ci would require us to use github as our hoster for all
> those
> > things, and embrace that workflow, they don't support anything else.
> >
> > There might be others that do, just not travis.
> It merely requires the repository to exist on GitHub, and postgresql.git
> is already mirrored to https://github.com/postgres/postgres.  If there
> was a .travis.yml in the repo, people who fork it could easily enable
> Travis-CI for their fork, even the official repo isn't hooked up.

That's true. It would require a bunch of additional branches to make it
useful in core though, but it śeems like it could be a useful thing for
people to enable in their own personal forks/branches if they use github
for their largest feature development. Could be a good idea to for example
ave an example yml file somewhere on the wiki that people could put into
their branches.

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