On 3/10/17 5:57 PM, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
On 3/10/17 14:53, Jim Nasby wrote:
The biggest win we'd get from something like Travis would be if the
commitfest monitored for new patch files coming in for monitored threads
and it created a new branch, applied the patches, and if they applied
without error commit the branch and push to let Travis do it's thing. We
wouldn't want that running in the main git repo, but it should be fine
in a fork that's dedicated to that purpose.

This has been discussed several times before, e.g.,


Maybe instead of having the commitfest app try and divine patches from the list it should be able to send patches to the list from a specified git repo/branch. Anyone that provides that info would have tests run automagically, patches sent, etc. Anyone who doesn't can just keep using the old process.
Jim Nasby, Chief Data Architect, OpenSCG

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