On 3/10/17 1:06 PM, Andres Freund wrote:

On 2017-03-10 02:11:18 -0600, Jim Nasby wrote:
Perhaps instead of adding more clutter to \dvS we could just have a SRF for

I don't see that as clutter, it's useful information, and keeping it
discoverable is good, not bad.

If we keep adding status reporting commands at some point it's going to get unwieldy. Though, if they were in their own schema...

At over 2800 rows currently, you're not going to notice one more
addition to \dfS.

I think it's hard to design a good SRF for this. Because the fields for
different types of progress are different / empty, you can't just
trivially return them as rows.  You'd have to do some EAV like
'command, field_name1, field_value1, ...' type of thing - not
particularly pretty / easy to use.

Oh, I wasn't suggesting a single SRF for everything. Hopefully users will eventually figure out a good formula to drive a "progress bar" for each type of monitor, which is what you really want anyway (at least 99% of the time). If we got there we could have a single view that gave the % complete for every command that was providing feedback. If someone wanted details they could hit the individual SRF.
Jim Nasby, Chief Data Architect, OpenSCG

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