Euler Taveira <> writes:
> 2017-03-10 1:43 GMT-03:00 Tom Lane <>:
>> 2017-03-09 23:40:12.334 EST [19335] LOG:  MultiXact member wraparound
>> protections are now enabled

> It should be DEBUG1 as soon as 9.3 is deprecated.

Uh, what's that got to do with it?  I'm not proposing to downgrade this
message in 9.3, or indeed any current release branch.  But it's hard
to believe that a 9.3 installation that had the problem would manage
to make it all the way to a v10 upgrade without the problem having been
fixed.  Even if there's one or two incompetent DBAs out there whom
that would apply to, I don't think the rest of the world needs to keep
seeing this message by default.

                        regards, tom lane

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