I wrote:
>> I think that what would actually be of some use nowadays is a LOG-level
>> message emitted if the wraparound *isn't* activated immediately at start.
>> But otherwise, we should follow the rule that silence is golden.

> Concretely, how about the attached?  It preserves the original
> "protections are now enabled" message at LOG level, but emits it only
> when oldestOffsetKnown becomes true *after* startup.  Meanwhile, if
> oldestOffsetKnown is still not true at the conclusion of TrimMultiXact,
> then it emits a new LOG message about "protections are not active".

I realized that the second of these is not necessary because it's
redundant with the message about "MultiXact member wraparound protections
are disabled because oldest checkpointed MultiXact %u does not exist on
disk".  Pushed without that.

                        regards, tom lane

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