On 13 March 2017 at 10:56, Craig Ringer <cr...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
> On 7 March 2017 at 21:08, Simon Riggs <simon.ri...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:
>> Patch 4 committed. Few others need rebase.
> Since this patch series and initial data copy for logical replication
> both add a facility for suppressing initial snapshot export on a
> logical slot, I've dropped patch 0003 (make snapshot export on logical
> slot creation) in favour of Petr's similar patch.
> I will duplicate it in this patch series for ease of application. (The
> version here is slightly extended over Petr's so I'll re-post the
> modified version on the logical replication initial data copy thread
> too).
> The main thing I want to direct attention to for Simon, as committer,
> is the xlog'ing of VACUUM's xid threshold before we advance it and
> start removing tuples. This is necessary for the standby to know
> whether a given replication slot is safe to use and fail with conflict
> with recovery if it is not, or if it becomes unsafe due to master
> vacuum activity. Note that we can _not_ use the various vacuum records
> for this because we don't know which are catalogs and which aren't;
> we'd have to add a separate "is catalog" field to each vacuum xlog
> record, which is undesirable. The downstream can't look up whether
> it's a catalog or not because it doesn't have relcache/syscache access
> during decoding.
> This change might look a bit similar to the vac_truncate_clog change
> in the txid_status patch, but it isn't really related. The txid_status
> change is about knowing when we can safely look up xids in clog and
> preventing a race with clog truncation. This change is about knowing
> when we can know all catalog tuples for a given xid will still be in
> the heap, not vacuumed away. Both are about making sure standbys know
> more about the state of the system in a low-cost way, though.
> WaitForMasterCatalogXminReservation(...) in logical.c is also worth
> looking more closely at.

I should also note that because the TAP tests currently take a long
time, I recommend skipping the tests for this patch by default and
running them only when actually touching logical decoding.

I'm looking at ways to make them faster, but they're inevitably going
to take a while until we can get hot standby feedback replies in
place, including cascading support. Which I have as WIP, but won't
make this release.

Changing the test import to

     use Test::More skip_all => "disabled by default, too slow";

will be sufficient.

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