I don't know how well I can review the 0001 (the TAP infra patch) but it
looks okay to me.

I don't really have any complaints about 0002 either. I like that it's
more or less one self-contained function and there are no weird ifdefs
anymore like in 9.6 version (btw your commit message talks about 9.5 but
it was 9.6). I also like the clever test :)

I am slightly worried about impact of the readTimeLineHistory() call but
I think it should be called so little that it should not matter.

That brings us to the big patch 0003.

I still don't like the "New in 10.0" comments in documentation, for one
it's 10, not 10.0 and mainly we don't generally write stuff like this to
documentation, that's what release notes are for.

There is large amounts of whitespace mess (empty lines with only
whitespace, spaces at the end of the lines), nothing horrible, but
should be cleaned up.

One thing I don't understand much is the wal_level change and turning
off catalogXmin tracking. I don't really see anywhere that the
catalogXmin would be reset in control file for example. There is TODO in
UpdateOldestCatalogXmin() that seems related but tbh I don't follow
what's happening there - comment says about not doing anything, but the
code inside the if block are only Asserts.

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