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5) Just remove plain map files and all related code. Addition to
   that, Makefile stores hash digest of authority files in
   Unicode/authoriy_hashes.txt or something that is managed by

That may be an idea to check for differences across upstream versions.
But that sounds like a separate discussion to me.

Fine with me either.

I did some more kibitzing here and there, and committed. Thanks everyone!

I agree the new maps should just replace the old maps altogether, so committed that way. I also moved the combined map files to the same .map files as the main radix trees. Seems more clear that way to me.

I changed the to/from_unicode properties back to a single direction property, with Perl constants BOTH, TO_UNICODE and FROM_UNICODE, per your alternative suggestion upthread. Seems more clear to me.

It would be nice to run the map_checker tool one more time, though, to verify that the mappings match those from PostgreSQL 9.6. Just to be sure, and after that the map checker can go to the dustbin.

- Heikki

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