On Wed, Feb 15, 2017 at 02:53:44PM +1100, Haribabu Kommi wrote:
> Here I attached patch that implements the view.
> I will add this patch to next commitfest.


I just reviewed the patch.

First, there are some whitespace issues that make git-apply complaining (at
least lines 218 and 396).

Patch is rather straightforward and works as expected, doc compiles without

I only found some minor issues:

+      <entry>One row only, showing statistics about the
+       wal writing activity. See

+      <entry>Number of wal writes that are carried out by the backend 

WAL should be uppercase (and for some more occurences).

+      <entry>
+      Number of wal writes that are carried out by background workers such as 
+      writer and walwriter.

I guess you meant backgroung processes?

>+      This field data will be populated only when the track_io_timing GUC is 
(and similar occurences)

track_io_timing should link to <xref linkend="guc-track-io-timing"> instead of
mentionning GUC.

I think you also need to update the track_io_timing description in
sgml/config.sgml to mention this new view.

+           else
+           {
+               LocalWalWritesStats.m_wal_total_write_time = 0;
+           }
(and similar ones)

The brackets seem unnecessary.

I marked the commitfest entry as waiting on author.

Julien Rouhaud
http://dalibo.com - http://dalibo.org

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