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On Thu, Mar 16, 2017 at 11:38 PM, Michael Paquier
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At least this has the merit of making \password simpler from psql
without a kind of --method option: if the backend is 9.6 or older,
just generate a MD5-hash, and SCRAM-hash for newer versions.
PQencryptPassword still needs to be extended so as it accepts a hash
method though.

What if the user doesn't want to switch to SCRAM because they also use
some connector that hasn't been updated to support it?

I bet there will be a lot of people in that situation.

You could use the less secure server-side ALTER USER to set the password in that case. Or use an older client. But I agree, it's a bit weird if we don't allow the user to generate an MD5 hash, if he insists. I think we still need a 'method' option to \password.

It would make sense to have \password obey password_encryption GUC. Then \password and ALTER USER would do the same thing, which would be less surprising. Although it's also a bit weird for a GUC to affect client-side behavior, so perhaps better to just document that \password will create a SCRAM verifier, unless you explicitly tell it to create an MD5 hash, and add a 'method' parameter to it.

- Heikki

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