Andres Freund <> writes:
> That said, it seems this is something that has to wait for a later
> release, I'm putting back in similar logic as there was before (not a
> branch, but change the opcode to a non-checking variant).

Yeah, I was wondering if changing the opcode would be preferable to
a first-time flag.

>> So my recommendation is to drop 0001 and include the same one-time
>> checks that execQual.c currently has as out-of-line one-time checks
>> in the new code.  We can revisit that later, but time grows short for
>> v10.  I would much rather have a solid version of 0004 and not 0001,
>> than not have anything for v10 because we spent too much time dealing
>> with adding new dependencies.

> Doing that (+README).

OK.  I believe that we can get this committed after the documentation
problems are sorted.  I noticed a lot of small things that bugged me,
mostly sloppy comments, but I think that the most efficient way to
handle those is for me to make an editorial pass on your next version.

                        regards, tom lane

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