On 3/13/17 11:35, Aleksander Alekseev wrote:
> Here is a new patch. I tried to make as little changes as possible. This
> is no doubt not the most beautiful patch on Earth but it removes all
> warnings. I anyone could suggest an approach that would be significantly
> better please don't hesitate to share your ideas.

I'm also seeing the -Wconstant-conversion warnings with clang-4.0.  The
warnings about strlcpy don't appear here.  That might be something
specific to the operating system.

To address the -Wconstant-conversion warnings, I suggest changing the
variables to unsigned char * as appropriate.

However, this would require a large number of changes to all call sites
of XLogRegisterData(), because they all have a cast like this:

    XLogRegisterData((char *) &xlrec, SizeOfHashMovePageContents);

Perhaps the first argument could be changed to void *.

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