On 20/03/17 13:32, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> On 3/18/17 09:31, Petr Jelinek wrote:
>>> 0003 Add USAGE privilege for publications
>>> a way to control who can subscribe to a publication
>> Hmm IIUC this removes ability of REPLICATION role to subscribe to
>> publications. I am not quite sure I like that.
> Well, this is kind of the way with all privileges.  They take away
> abilities by default so you can assign them in a more fine-grained manner.
> You can still connect as superuser and do anything you want, if you want
> a "quick start" setup.
> Right now, any replication user connecting can use any publication.
> There is no way to distinguish different table groupings or different
> use cases, such as partial replication of some tables that should go
> over here, or archiving of some other tables that should go over there.
> That's not optimal.

Hmm but REPLICATION role can do basebackup/consume wal, so how does
giving it limited publication access help? Wouldn't we need some
SUBSCRIPTION role/grant used instead for logical replication connections
instead of REPLICATION for this to make sense?

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