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"wal_debug" is seldom used outside of Postgresql source development or unusual system failures, and should therefore go last.

BTW, it occurs to me that wal_debug is one of the hacker-only variables that probably ought not be documented at all. I cannot imagine any use for it for the average DBA.

Um, not documenting it is probably not a good move for us, however putting it at the end in a section marked "Developer Focused" or something similar would probably have the right mix of messages. i.e. "hands off" + "not a performance tweak", etc.

No, not documenting it IS a good move. If there's a button people will press it, if there's a switch people will turn it on and if there's a slot people will stick in whatever they have ... believe it or not, I have found a Xmas cookie in the floppy drive of a consultant's notebook and a secretary once managed to get a 5.25'' floppy "into" an IBM PS/2 ... er ... yes, there was some kind of venting slot somewhere ... I did not try to explain the difference between a floppy drive and a venting slot to her, I converted it to the "right" format and the next time she came with a 5.25'' floppy directly to me :-)


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