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    Thank you for testing the patch on Windows platform.

Thanks for the updated patch.

It works good for a normal relation. But for a relation that contains child tables,
the PROGRESS_ANALYZE_NUM_ROWS_SAMPLED produces wrong results.

Thank you for reviewing the patch.
The attached patch implements a way to report sample rows count from acquire_sample_rows() even if called for child tables.
How about adding another phase called PROGRESS_ANALYZE_PHASE_COLLECT_INHERIT_SAMPLE_ROWS and set this phase only when it is an inheritance analyze operation. And adding
some explanation of ROWS_SAMPLED phase about inheritance tables
how these sampled rows are calculated will provide good analyze progress of
relation that contains child relations also.
I have also updated the documentation.

The ANALYZE command takes long time in computing statistics phase.So I think we can add some column or phase so that user can easily understand the progress. How about adding new column like "num_rows_processed" will compute the statistics of specified column? How about separate the computing "inheritance statistics" phase from the computing regular "single table" statistics.

Vinayak Pokale
NTT Open Source Software Center

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