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On 2017/03/19 17:56, Ashutosh Sharma wrote:

I didn't find any major issues with the patch. It works as expected.
However, I have few minor comments that I would like to share,

+     <entry>
+       Total number of sample rows. The sample it reads is taken randomly.
+       Its size depends on the <varname>default_statistics_target</>
parameter value.
+     </entry>

1) I think it would be better if you could specify reference link to
the guc variable 'default_statistics_target'. Something like this,

<xref linkend='guc-default-statistics-target'>.

If you go through monitoring.sgml, you would find that there is
reference link to all guc variables being used.
+1. Updated in the attached patch.

2) I feel that the 'computing_statistics' phase could have been
splitted into 'computing_column_stats', 'computing_index_stats'....
Please let me know your thoughts on this.

Initially I have spitted this phase as 'computing heap stats' and 'computing index stats' but I agreed with Roberts suggestion to merge two phases into one as 'computing statistics'.
+   certain commands during command execution.  Currently, the command
+   which supports progress reporting is <command>VACUUM</> and
<command>ANALYZE</>.  This may be
     expanded in the future.

3) I think above needs to be rephrased. Something like...Currently,
the supported progress reporting commands are 'VACUUM' and
+1. Updated in the attached patch.
Moreover, I also ran your patch on Windows platform and didn't find
any issues. Thanks.
Thank you for testing the patch on Windows platform.

Vinayak Pokale
NTT Open Source Software Center

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