On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 8:46 AM, Stephen Frost <sfr...@snowman.net> wrote:
>> I was definitely initially in favor of
>> raising the value, but I got cold feet, a bit, when Alvaro pointed out
>> that going to 64MB would require a substantial increase in
>> min_wal_size.
> The performance concern of having 3 segments is a red herring here if
> we're talking about a default install because the default for
> max_wal_size is 1G, not 192MB.  I do think increasing the default WAL
> size would be valuable to do even if it does mean a default install will
> take up a bit more space.

min_wal_size isn't the same thing as max_wal_size.

> I didn't see much discussion of it, but if this is really a concern then
> couldn't we set the default to be 2 segments worth instead of 3 also?
> That would mean an increase from 80MB to 128MB in the default install if
> you never touch more than 128MB during a checkpoint.

Not sure.  Need testing.

>> I'm a little worried that this whole question of changing the file
>> naming scheme is a diversion which will result in torpedoing any
>> chance of getting some kind of improvement here for v11.  I don't
>> think the patch is all that far from being committable but it's not
>> going to get there if we start redesigning the world around it.
> It's not my intent to 'torpedo' this patch but I'm pretty disappointed
> that we're introducing yet another initdb-time option with, as far as I
> can tell, no option to change it after the cluster has started (without
> some serious hackery), and continuing to have a poor default, which is
> what most users will end up with.
> I really don't like these kinds of options.  I'd much rather have a
> reasonable default that covers most cases and is less likely to be a
> problem for most systems than have a minimal setting that's impossible
> to change after you've got your data in the system.  As much as I'd like
> everyone to talk to me before doing an initdb, that's pretty rare and
> instead we end up having to break the bad news that they should have
> known better and done the right thing at initdb time and, no, sorry,
> there's no answer today but to dump out all of the data and load it into
> a new cluster which was set up with the right initdb settings.

Well, right now, the alternative is to recompile the server, so I
think being able to make the change at initdb time is pretty [ insert
a word of your choice here ] great by comparison.  Now, I completely
agree that initdb-time configurability is inferior to server-restart
configurability which is obviously inferior to on-the-fly
reconfigurability, but we are not going to get either of those latter
two things in v10, so I think we should take the one we can get, which
is clearly better than what we've got now.   In the future, if
somebody is willing to put in the time and energy to allow this to be
changed via a pg_resetexlog-like procedure, or even on the fly by some
ALTER SYSTEM command, we can consider those changes then, but
everything this patch does will still be necessary.

On the topic of whether to also change the default, I'm not sure what
is best and will defer to others.  On the topic of whether to whack
around the file naming scheme, -1 from me.  This patch was posted
three months ago and nobody suggested that course of action until this
week.  Even though it is on a related topic, it is a conceptually
separate change that is previously undiscussed and on which we do not
have agreement.  Making those changes just before feature freeze isn't
fair to the patch authors or people who may not have time to pay
attention to this thread right this minute.

Robert Haas
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