> A few comments about the patch.
> Patch applies. "make check" ok.
> As already pointed out, there is one useless file in the patch.
> Although currently there is only one expected argument for boolean
> expressions, the n² concatenation algorithm in gather_boolean_expression is
> not very elegant. Is there some string buffer data structure which could be
> used instead?

I wished for the same thing, happy to use one if it is made known to me.
I pulled that pattern from somewhere else in the code, and given that the
max number of args for a command is around 4, I'm not too worried about

> ISTM that ignore_boolean_expression may call free on a NULL pointer if the
> expression is empty?

True. The psql code is actually littered with a lot of un-checked free(p)
calls, so I started to wonder if maybe we had a wrapper on free() that
checked for NULL. I'll fix this one just to be consistent.

> Generally I find the per-command functions rather an improvement.

I did too. I tried to split this patch up into two parts, one that broke
out the functions, and one that added if-then, and found that the first
patch was just as unwieldily without the if-then stuff as with.

> However there is an impact on testing because of all these changes. ISTM
> that test cases should reflect this situation and test that \cd, \edit, ...
> are indeed ignored properly and taking account there expected args...

I think one grand

\if false
\c some_connect_string
\z some_table_name

should do the trick, but it wouldn't detect memory leaks.

> In "exec_command_connect" an argument is changed from "-reuse-previous" to
> "-reuse-previous=", not sure why.

It shouldn't have been. Good catch. Most commands were able to be migrated
with simple changes (status => *status, strcmp() if-block becomes
active-if-block, etc), but that one was slightly different.

> There seems to be pattern repetition for _ev _ef and _sf _sv. Would it
> make sense to create a function instead of keeping the initial copy-paste?

Yes, and a few things like that, but I wanted this patch to keep as much
code as-is as possible.

> I think that some functions could be used for some repeated cases such as
> "discard one arg", "discard one or two arg", "discard whole line", for the
> various inactive branches, so as to factor out code.

I'd be in favor of that as well

> I would suggest to put together all if-related backslash command, so that
> the stack management is all in one function instead of 4.

I recognize the urge to group them together, but would there be any actual
code sharing between them? Wouldn't I be either re-checking the string
"cmd" again, or otherwise setting an enum that I immediately re-check
inside the all_branching_commands() function?

> For pset the inactive branch does OT_NORMAL instead of OT_NOT_EVAL, not
> sure why.

An oversight. Good catch.

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