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> Moved to CF 2017-03. Both patches still apply.

Sorry to be late for reviewing this, but done now.  The patch applied, make 
check passed, and the code looks almost good.  I could successfully perform a 
simple archive recovery.  Finally, I broke the 2pc state file while the server 
is down, and could confirm that the server failed to start as expected, 
emitting a FATAL message.  Worked nicely.

Just two cosmetic points:

Other places use "two-phase state file", not "two-phase file".

All other places in twophase.c and most places in other files put ereport() and 
errmsg() on separate lines.  I think it would be better to align with 
surrounding code.

+                               ereport(FATAL, (errmsg("corrupted two-phase 
file \"%s\"",

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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