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> "Tsunakawa, Takayuki" <> writes:
> > All other places in twophase.c and most places in other files put ereport()
> and errmsg() on separate lines.  I think it would be better to align with
> surrounding code.
> > +                           ereport(FATAL, (errmsg("corrupted
> two-phase file \"%s\"",
> Actually, the *real* problem with that coding is it lacks a SQLSTATE (errcode
> call).  The only places where it's acceptable to leave that out are for
> internal "can't happen" cases, which this surely isn't.

Oh, I overlooked it.  But...

> Yup.  Just remember that the default is
> XX000    E    ERRCODE_INTERNAL_ERROR              internal_error
> If that's not how you want the error case reported, you need an errcode()
> call.
> We might need more ERRCODEs than are there now, if none of the existing
> ones seem to fit these cases.  There's already ERRCODE_DATA_CORRUPTED and
> example?

I'd be always happy if the error code is more specific, but maybe that would be 
a separate patch.  WAL corruption message so far doesn't accompany a specific 
error code like this in xlog.c:

                         * We only end up here without a message when 
                         * failed - in that case we already logged something. In
                         * StandbyMode that only happens if we have been 
triggered, so we
                         * shouldn't loop anymore in that case.
                        if (errormsg)
                 RecPtr ? RecPtr : EndRecPtr),
                                (errmsg_internal("%s", errormsg) /* already 
translated */ ));

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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