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> We're in the last week of the CF. If you have a patch that's nearly
> ready or getting there, now would be a good time to post it for help
> and input from others.
> I would really like to get this in, but we're running out of time.
> Even if you just post your snapshot management work, with the cosmetic
> changes discussed above, that would be a valuable start.

I'm going to pick up the last patch and:

* Ensure we only add the GID to xact records for 2pc commits and aborts

* Add separate callbacks for prepare, abort prepared, and commit
prepared (of xacts already processed during prepare), so we aren't
overloading the "commit" callback and don't have to create fake empty
transactions to pass to the commit callback;

* Add another callback to determine whether an xact should be

* Rename the snapshot builder faux-commit stuff in the current patch
so it's clearer what's going on.

* Write tests covering DDL, abort-during-decode, etc

Some special care is needed for the callback that decides whether to
process a given xact as 2PC or not. It's called before PREPARE
TRANSACTION to decide whether to decode any given xact at prepare time
or wait until it commits. It's called again at COMMIT PREPARED time if
we crashed after we processed PREPARE TRANSACTION and advanced our
confirmed_flush_lsn such that we won't re-process the PREPARE
TRANSACTION again. Our restart_lsn might've advanced past it so we
never even decode it, so we can't rely on seeing it at all. It has
access to the xid, gid and invalidations, all of which we have at both
prepare and commit time, to make its decision from. It must have the
same result at prepare and commit time for any given xact. We can
probably use a cache in the reorder buffer to avoid the 2nd call on
commit prepared if we haven't crashed/reconnected between the two.

This proposal does not provide a way to safely decode a 2pc xact that
made catalog changes which may be aborted while being decoded. The
plugin must lock such an xact so that it can't be aborted while being
processed, or defer decoding until commit prepared. It can use the
invalidations for the commit to decide.

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