>> >>
>> >> I think it would have been probably okay to use *int* for ntuples as
>> >> that matches with what you are actually assigning in the function.
>> >
>> > okay, corrected it. Attached is newer version of patch.
>> >
>> Thanks, this version looks good to me.
> It solves the problem for me.

Great..Thanks for confirming.

I'd like to test that I get the right answer
> on the standby, not just the absence of a crash, but I don't know how to do
> that effectively.  Has anyone used the new wal replay block consistency tool
> on hash indexes since this microvacuum code was committed?

Yes, I have used it for hash index but I used it after below commit,

commit 9abbf4727de746222ad8fc15b17348065389ae43
Author: Robert Haas <rh...@postgresql.org>
Date:   Mon Mar 20 15:55:27 2017 -0400

    Another fix for single-page hash index vacuum.

    The WAL consistency checking code needed to be updated for the new
    page status bit, but that didn't get done previously.

All I did was set 'wal_consistency_checking = 'hash'' in
postgresql.conf and ran test cases on primary server. If there is any
inconsistent block on standby the tool would probably terminate the
recovery process and you would see following message in the server

"inconsistent page found, rel %u/%u/%u, forknum %u, blkno %u"

With Regards,
Ashutosh Sharma

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