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> Pushed with minor adjustments.

Excellent - thanks for your review and all the discussion here!

> The main non-cosmetic thing I did was to replace the floor(log10())
> business with plain constant "10" as I suggested before.  That's
> what we do in other places --- see int4out for an example --- and
> frankly I did not feel that a small space savings in a transient
> string buffer was worth the intellectual effort to verify whether
> that calculation was correct or not, never mind whatever runtime
> cycles it would take.  I don't believe the argument that it's safer
> your way: if you had an off-by-one thinko in the calculation, or even
> just roundoff error in the log10() call, it could result in an actual
> reachable buffer overrun, because there's no safety margin.

Makes sense, guess I was overthinking this one.


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