Corey Huinker <> writes:
[ 0001-psql-if-v28.patch ]

Starting to look at this version, and what jumped out at me in testing
is that the regression output looks like this:

parallel group (12 tests):  psql_if_on_error_stop dbsize async misc_functions 
tidscan alter_operator tsrf psql alter_generic misc stats_ext sysviews
     alter_generic            ... ok
     alter_operator           ... ok
     misc                     ... ok
     psql                     ... ok
     psql_if_on_error_stop    ... ok (test process exited with exit code 3)
     async                    ... ok
     dbsize                   ... ok
     misc_functions           ... ok
     sysviews                 ... ok
     tsrf                     ... ok
     tidscan                  ... ok
     stats_ext                ... ok

Don't think we can have that.  Even if pg_regress considers it a success,
every hacker is going to have to learn that that's a "pass", and I don't
think I want to be answering that question every week till kingdom come.

I'm not really sure we need a test for this behavior.  If we're
sufficiently dead set on it, we could go back to the TAP-based approach,
but I still doubt that this test is worth the amount of overhead that
would add.

                        regards, tom lane

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