Hello Tom,

pgbench (well, at least if I succeed in getting boolean expressions and
setting variables, which is just a maybe), but this kind of if in the
middle of expression does not make much sense for a pgbench script where
"if" must be evaluated at execution time, not parse time.

Well, it's not really clear to me why that would be true.

For example, how can you PREPARE a possibly combinatorial thing?

  \if ... XX \else YY \endif
  \if ... ZZ \else WW \endif
  \if ... AA \else BB \endif

Or the kind of operation:

  \if ...
    SELECT *
      FROM table WHERE condition;

Even the structure can be changed somehow:

    \if ...
      1 ;
      SELECT 2

If it actually is impossible to give pgbench equivalent behavior, we'll just have to live with the discrepancy,


but ISTM it could probably be made to work.

Even if it could somehow, I do not see it as a useful feature for pgbench. I also lack a good use case for psql for this feature.


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