On 3/21/17 18:52, Mark Dilger wrote:
> The patch applies cleanly, compiles, and passes all the regression tests
> for me on my laptop.  Peter appears to have renamed the function copyObject
> as copyObjectImpl, which struct me as odd when I first saw it, but I don't 
> have
> a better name in mind, so that seems ok.

Committed that.

> If the purpose of this patch is to avoid casting so many things down to (Node 
> *),
> perhaps some additional work along the lines of the patch I'm attaching are
> appropriate.  (This patch applies on top Peter's v2 patch).  The idea being to
> keep objects as (Expr *) where appropriate, rather than casting through (Node 
> *)
> quite so much.

And that.

The distinction between Node and Expr is more theoretical and not
handled very ridigly throughout the code.  However, your patch seemed
like a gentle improvement in relatively new code, so it seems like a
good change.

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