> > Tom, you said you needed a shell way of detecting this, does the
> > following work?
> No, I need something that will work in the regression test
> resultmap, which basically only knows about the platform identifier
> string computed by config.guess.
> We could change
>       float8/i.86-.*-freebsd=float8-small-is-zero
> to
>       float8/i.86-.*-freebsd4=float8-small-is-zero
> which would result in the right behavior on freebsd 4.*, and would
> expect 5.* to have standard float behavior.
> That would mean that on 5.* you would get diffs if you didn't have
> the new float handling.  What is the status of the 5.* branch ---
> are there stable releases out there that don't have the new float
> code?  If not, this seems like an acceptable answer.


Only 5.0 would fail, but those using 5.0 need to upgrade for various
reasons.  5.0 and 5.1 are considered early adopter releases by the
release engineering team and 5.2 will be classified as the 1st
production grade version of the 5.X branch.  Those running 5.0 will
likely upgrade to 5.1 quickly so I'd say it's safe to let the
regression tests fail on 5.0 given it should have a tiny user base in
a month.

Making the proposed change above fixes the regression tests on my
5.1... I don't have any 4.X machines I can play with at the moment,
Rod would have to test that.


Sean Chittenden

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