> >> We could change
> >> float8/i.86-.*-freebsd=3Dfloat8-small-is-zero
> >> to
> >> float8/i.86-.*-freebsd4=3Dfloat8-small-is-zero
> > This change compiles / regresses fine for me, but I didn't read the
> > whole thread to try to see what to look for.
> Good enough --- change committed.
> Does anyone know if FreeBSD 3.* or before still exist in the wild?
> We might have to tweak the pattern to match those too.

Ehh....  it probably does.  I get emails once every 2-3 mo from
someone running it on a 2.x box and that code's probably 6-8 years old
at this point.  If you wanted to be super judicious about preserving
backward compatibility, you could add freebsd2 and freebsd3 to the
list too.


Sean Chittenden

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