Tom Lane wrote:

> My own thought is that there's room for at least a few days' slop in
> the end date of the final commitfest, depending on what patches remain
> open and what the prospects are for getting them done.  (In the past
> we've sometimes let the final fest stretch on indefinitely, which is
> clearly the Wrong Thing; but that doesn't mean that the Right Thing is
> to say that it ends at 2017-04-01 00:00 UTC no matter what.)  The RMT
> should look at things in another day or two and make a judgment call
> about that.

I was rather surprised to see the March commitfest declared to exactly
one month and feature freeze immediately thereafter.  Last time around
we left 2 weeks between CF end and feature freeze; the previous one I
think we had the final CF last two months.  Not stretch on indefinitely,
but we know the final CF for a cycle takes more effort than previous
ones, so it seems reasonable to give more time.  We have a large number
of patches still waiting for review.

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