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> I agree we need to extend, and not wait until any longer to do it.  We
> have people at the NYC conference and I don't want their memory of the
> conference being that they were stressed trying to work on closing the
> commit fest --- that could lead to bad memories and them declining
> future conference attendance.  If that delays our final release for a
> week, it is worth it.
> I propose we go for a week delay in closing the commit fest, and we
> decide right now.  Ideally I like to to see delay in one-week increments
> _and_ announce that a week before each deadline.

Summary of opinions on this thread:

- Tom thinks the RMT should consider extending by a day or two.
- Stephen agrees.
- Alvaro proposes allowing more time next time, but not to change the
dates for this time.
- Andres and Dave agree with Alvaro's surprise about the selected
date, but it's not clear whether they want to change things now or
just for next time.
- Robert thinks that the RMT shouldn't presume to vary the dates
without a broad consensus, and somewhat favors not extending.

Other views?

Robert Haas
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