We had a brief stand-up meeting today at PGCONF.US to discuss the
proposal to delay the end of the CommitFest and feature freeze.  Those
present include 9 members of the pgsql-release team (including Peter
Eisentraut and myself as members of the RMT) and David Steele as the
current CommitFest manager.  Others present (in alphabetical order by
surname) were Joe Conway, Andrew Dunstan, Andres Freund, Stephen
Frost, Bruce Momjian, Dave Page, Simon Riggs. The unanimous sentiment
of the group was that feature freeze should be postponed by one week,
and that the end of the CommitFest should be postponed to the same
date.  On-list, on the thread entitled "Schedule and Release
Management Team for PG10", this sentiment was also endorsed by Magnus
Hagander, Alvaro Herrera, Petr Jelinek, and Tom Lane.  That's surely a
sufficient consensus to move forward with changing the date.

Accordingly, the feature freeze date is now April 7th, and no new
features for v10 should be committed after that date by anyone.

Robert Haas

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