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> On Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 11:16 PM, Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>   Now, I understand you to be suggesting a flag at
>> table-creation time that would, maybe, be immutable after that, but
>> even then - are we going to run completely unmodified 9.6 code for
>> tables where that's not enabled, and only go through any of the WARM
>> logic when it is enabled?  Doesn't sound likely.  The commits already
>> made from this patch series certainly affect everybody, and I can't
>> see us adding switches that bypass
>> ce96ce60ca2293f75f36c3661e4657a3c79ffd61 for example.
> I don't think I am going to claim that either. But probably only 5% of the
> new code would then be involved. Which is a lot less and a lot more
> manageable. Having said that, I think if we at all do this, we should only
> do it based on our experiences in the beta cycle, as a last resort. Based on
> my own experiences during HOT development, long running pgbench tests, with
> several concurrent clients, subjected to multiple AV cycles and periodic
> consistency checks, usually brings up issues related to heap corruption. So
> my confidence level is relatively high on that part of the code. That's not
> to suggest that there can't be any bugs.
> Obviously then there are other things such as regression to some workload or
> additional work required by vacuum etc. And I think we should address them
> and I'm fairly certain we can do that. It may not happen immediately, but if
> we provide right knobs, may be those who are affected can fall back to the
> old behaviour or not use the new code at all while we improve things for
> them.

Okay, but even if we want to provide knobs, then there should be some
consensus on those.  I am sure introducing an additional pass over
index has some impact so either we should have some way to reduce the
impact or have some additional design to handle it.  Do you think it
make sense to have a separate thread to discuss and get feedback on
same as I am not seeing much input on the knobs you are proposing to
handle second pass over index?

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