Hello Daniel,

I've noticed two issues with the query buffer post-commit e984ef5
(Support \if ... \elif ... \else ... \endif in psql scripting):

I thought that Tom's changes were somehow intentional, in order to simplify the code.

1. \p ignores the "previous buffer". Example:

postgres=# select 1;
(1 row)

postgres=# \p
Query buffer is empty.

Yep. Note that it still works with:

  SELECT 1 \g

That doesn't match the pre-commit behavior, and is not
consistent with \e or \w

Indeed, there is definitely an issue because \g executes something where \p prints nothing...

  10devel> SELECT 1; -- 1
  10devel> \p -- <empty>
  10devel> \g -- 1!

2. \r keeps the "previous buffer". I think it should clear it. Example:

I'm not that sure, \r clears the current buffer and restores the previous one, so that two \r are needed to fully clear:

  9.6> SELECT 1; -- 1
  9.6> SELECT 2 \r -- first clear
  9.6> \g -- 1 (redo SELECT 1)
  9.6> \r -- second clear
  9.6> \g -- <nothing>

Patch applies, make check ok. However:

I tend to agree that 1 above is a regression, but ISTM that 2 is somehow the expected behavior, i.e. \r should not clear the previous buffer, just the current one, so that two \r are needed for a "full" clear. \r should clear the current buffer and restores the previous one.


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