* Peter Eisentraut ( wrote:
> On 3/25/17 12:24, Stephen Frost wrote:
> >> Add COMMENT and SECURITY LABEL support for publications and subscriptions
> > 
> > Isn't this missing psql tab completion, and pg_dump support?  And
> > regression tests for the latter?
> I have added the tab completion support.


> Attached is a patch that adds the pg_dump support, but I'm struggling to
> make the tests work.  Could you take a look?  Problem one I'm seeing is
> that the tests assert that there are no comments in the post-data
> section, which is no longer the case here.

If that's the case (and is intended), then you'll need to remove the
'section_post_data' entry from the COMMENTS catch-all 'unlike' and move
that into the 'unlike' for each of the COMMENT tests which were
depending on the catch-all to handle that.

The other approach is to create a new catch-all which catches COMMENTs
that are not pub/sub and have the other COMMENT tests use that but have
a different catch-all for the pub/sub entries or just have all of the
tests covered by them.  There are a few examples of this approach
already (off-hand, I think there's one related to blobs).

> Problem two is that
> subscriptions are not dumped by default, so those new tests fail, but I
> don't understand why the existing tests about subscriptions work so far.

There are (or were?) some tests which explicitly use
'--include-subscription'.  You can see how each test's pg_dump is run in
the hash at the top.

I thought we were changing that anyway though?  To dump subscriptions by
default but to have them dumped in a 'not enabled' fashion?  In fact, I
thought that had already happened, but I might be thinking of something



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