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> Attached.  I did not like that the previous patch had the timeout handling
> duplicated in the individual functions, I instead centralized it into
> start_xact_command().  Given that it already activated the timeout in the
> most common cases, that seems to make more sense to me. In your version
> we'd have called enable_statement_timeout() twice consecutively (which
> behaviourally is harmless).
> What do you think?  I've not really tested this with the extended protocol,
> so I'd appreciate if you could rerun your test from the older thread.

The patch looks good and cleaner.  It looks like the code works as expected.  
As before, I ran one INSERT statement with PgJDBC, with gdb's breakpoints set 
on enable_timeout() and disable_timeout().  I confirmed that enable_timeout() 
is called just once at Parse message, and disable_timeout() is called just once 
at Execute message.

I'd like to wait for Tatsuo-san's thorough testing with pgproto.

Takayuki Tsunakawa

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