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>> I have done tests using pgproto. One thing I noticed a strange behavior.
>> Below is an output of pgproto. The test first set the timeout to 3 seconds,
>> and parse/bind for "SELECT pg_sleep(2)" then set timeout to 1 second using
>> extended query. Subsequent Execute emits a statement timeout error as
>> expected, but next "SELECT pg_sleep(2)"
>> call using extended query does not emit a statement error. The test for
>> this is "007-timeout-twice". Attached is the test cases including this.
> What's the handling of transactions like in pgproto?  I guess the first 
> statement timeout error rolled back the effect of "SET statement_timeout = 
> '1s'", and the timeout reverted to 3s or some other value.

Since pgproto is a dumb protocol machine, it does not start a
transaction automatically (user needs to explicitly send a start
transaction command via either simple or extended query). In this
particular case no explicit transaction has started.

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Tatsuo Ishii
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