Andres Freund wrote:

> Unique Joins
> - Tom's discussing things with David, not sure.

This one was already included-and-removed from 9.6, Tom had said he'd
give it priority during the current cycle as I recall.  It seems unfair
that it's still waiting for review on the last day of pg10's last

> Write Amplification Reduction Method (WARM)
> - fair number of people don't think it's ready for v10.

I'm going over this one now with Pavan, with the intent of getting it in
committable shape.

I may be biased, but the claimed performance gains are so large that I
can't let it slip through without additional effort.

> BRIN optimize memory allocation
> - I think Alvaro has indicated that he wants to take care of that?

I am happy to see it move to pg11 to give priority to WARM.

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