Robert Haas <> writes:
> I would appreciate help from other contributors and committers on this
> open item; pg_dump is not my strong point.  In the absence of such
> help, I will do my best with it.  I will set aside time this week to
> study this and send another update no later than Thursday.

The proposed patch seems rather ad-hoc, and I think that it is working
around a backend behavior that might be broken.

While I admit that I've not been paying close attention to the whole
table partitioning business, I wonder whether we have any clearly written
down specification about (a) how much partition member tables are allowed
to deviate schema-wise from their parent, and (b) how DDL semantics on
partitioned tables differ from DDL semantics for traditional inheritance.
Obviously those are closely related questions.  But the fact that this
bug exists at all shows that there's been some lack of clarity on (b),
and so I wonder whether we have any clarity on (a) either.

                        regards, tom lane

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