"Christopher Kings-Lynne" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Is there any point using pg_get_triggerdef in pg_dump to generate trigger
> definitions?  We'd still have to keep the old code so that we can dump pre
> 7.4, but it might mean we don't have to touch that code again if we add
> triggers on columns or something...

Seems like a good idea to me --- we've been trying to reduce pg_dump's
knowledge of backend nitty-gritty, and this would be another small step
in the right direction.

> Also, it doesn't format them as nicely as the current pg_dump code...

That's fixable no?  I guess you might want to consider what psql's \d
display will look like too, but I don't recall that we ever promised
anyone that the pg_get_xxx functions would output no unnecessary

                        regards, tom lane

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