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> I've complained about this before. Below are some timings from buildfarm
> member nightjar as I test out the new client code.
> This buildfarm run as you can see takes 33m32s, and the Tap tests take a
> combined 19m52s of that time. That seems quite an inordinate amount of
> time, when checking out the code, configuring, building and running all
> the other checks in two locales in many cases consumes 13m40s. If people
> want to incorporate these into the check-world targets and then
> encourage developers to run check-world, there will be a massive fail if
> you can take a shower and make and drink a cup of coffee in the time it
> takes to run it.

I don't think it's quite fair to complain about the TAP tests taking a
long time to run as a general matter.  Many people here have long
wanted a separate test-suite for long running tests that can be run to
really check everything possible, and apparently, TAP tests are it.

What I think would be more useful is to break down where the time is
getting spent.  It may be that some of those tests are not adding
value proportionate to their runtime.

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