Hmmm. Although I do not buy this, it could work as a replacement for \set
which it seems cannot be upgraded because some people may rely on it to
just store whatever comes after it in a variable.

I have no strong opinion on how expressive expressions should be, but
having a separate \expr (or \setexpr, etc) gives us a green field to
develop them.


One possible approach would be to reuse pgbench expression engine in order to avoid redevelopping yet another lexer & parser & evaluator. This would mean some abstraction work, but it looks like the simplest & most effective approach right now. Currently it supports an SQL-expression subset about int & float, and there is an ongoing submission to add booleans and a few functions. If this is done this way, this suggests that variable management should/could be merged as well, but there are some differences (psql variables are not typed, it relies on a list, there is a "namespace" thing I'm not sure I understood...).

Pavel also suggested some support for TEXT, although I would like to see a use case. That could be another extension to the engine.

A drawback is that pgbench needs more powerfull client-side expressions than psql, thus it adds some useless complexity to psql, but avoiding another engine seems desirable.


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